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Learning notes

July 12, 2014

Learning new notes is a funny process. It’s really exciting to be embarking on a journey of work, discovery, learning and satisfaction. It can also be pretty daunting to see a page smothered in black dots!
My daughter told me how much she has learned from music that can be applied to many things, some of those skills being discipline, patience and perseverance. She’s absolutely right – that’s part of the job. And learning brand new piece is a real test of those things. The difficult part is believing that it WILL come right, the notes will stick, and my hands will remember where to go, without needing direct instructions from my brain. Those are the times when it helps to remember that seemingly impossible pieces have been subdued, and enjoyed.
And…then come those moments of insight when the structure of the piece emerges in deep non-verbal ways, my hands become part of my brain, and I actually start enjoying the sounds I’m making. Gradually the work coheres, and suddenly it’s nothing but pleasure at the music, and looking forward to performing and sharing it.

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